Celebrations on Strøget street after the liberation of Denmark

stroget street ww2

A group of women with Danish flags are celebrating the liberation from German occupation on May 5th, 1945, on Strøget street (Copenhagen). Strøget is a famous and popular pedestrian area located in Copenhagen’s Old City. It is actually one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe (1.1 kilometers), and …

Danish Jews escaping to Sweden via boat in 1943

denmark jews ww2

Danish Jews on a boat to Sweden in September – October 1943. Picture taken by one of the refugees. Due to the commendable collective efforts of Danish citizens, over 99% of Denmark’s Jewish population survived the war. The Danish resistance movement managed to evacuate no less than 7220 out of …

Danish resistance fighters hold up German soldiers in Copenhagen, 1945

danish resistance german ss soldiers copenhagen

Danish resistance members hold up German SS soldiers at gunpoint and disarm them in Copenhagen, sometime in 1945. Resistance against German occupation increased steadily in Denmark starting with the Autumn of 1942, but the country was not liberated until May 5th, 1945 – two days before Germany officially capitulated. Book …