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So, you should know what we’re all about, right? It’s so easy to get caught up in all kinds of bubbles of inaccurate information in this day and age, and that danger is even more pregnant when it comes to history and World War Two. So you deserve to know what this website represents and who is providing the information here.

WW2 HistoryBook started as an Instagram account, the idea being to use and share all the knowledge which I have gained about World War II over the years – knowledge which I felt was being otherwise wasted.

That account was nearing 30K followers and people seemed to appreciate it quite a lot, particularly the book suggestions – until it got deleted by Instagram for no reason at all, really. It was a nice, clean account promoting history, education and quality books. Needless to say, there was no trace of hateful, harmful or bigoted content. That’s not what Ww2HistoryBook stands for. But, well, that’s social media for you nowadays – post a historically significant photograph including the likes of Hitler or Goebbels, and you get kicked out.

We did relaunch our Insta account if you want to give us a follow. But, sure enough, that experience prompted the making of this website (which was planned for some time), where the content is proprietary, as opposed to being at the mercy of Big Tech. Why not bring that Instagram account on the web? Of course, the photographs are public domain and not owned by WW2HistoryBook. Sources are mentioned when possible.

Who writes here?

Certain reviews are posted here by contributors (knowledgeable persons I discovered while browsing WW2 topics on social media), and are noted as such. I believe these reviews to be of very high quality and am happy to have them on WW2 HistoryBook. Besides these, it’s just me for now: Radu, an Eastern European guy in his early 30s. I am an amateur historian with a passion for History, World War 2, and books, among other things which I reckon are best kept personal if I am to keep my credibility. Just kidding! Maybe. 😁

I like to learn my history from multiple points of view. I feel that is the best way to grasp the historical context and truth.

While you should keep in mind that I am not a certified historian, I do believe I have knowledge to share, and I always double and triple check my facts. This is the most important thing for me. Anybody can make a mistake, but everything written on this website aims to be a factual, uncensored and unabridged representation of what happened, with NO bias.

What can you find here?

World War II Photographs with original and factual captions, as well as book (and sometimes movie) recommendations on each picture. Stories. Book and movie reviews. All kinds of stuff. The objective is for WW2HistoryBook to make you feel like you are entering a World War 2 library, virtual bookshelves all around as you sip a cup of tea at a wooden Victorian table, logs crackling from the fireplace at the side of your comfy walnut armchair.

Oh … and constant updates with new content 🙂. Enjoy!

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