To read list

Seemingly amazing books currently on the waiting list to read and review 😃


The Eastern Front: Memoirs of a Waffen SS Volunteer 1941-1945 (Leon Degrelle, 1985)

Final Entries 1945: The Diaries of Joseph Goebbels (Joseph Goebbels, 1978)

Conversations with Stalin (Milovan Đilas, 1961)

The Auschwitz Escape (Joel C. Rosenberg, 2014)historical fiction

Five Days That Shocked the World: Eyewitness Accounts from Europe at the End of World War II (Nicholas Best, 2016)

A Memoir (Leni Riefenstahl, 1987)

With Hitler to the End: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s Valet (Heinz Linge, 1980)

Stuka Pilot (Hans-Ulrich Rudel, 1948)

list updated regularly. new books in, read & reviewed books out.

Do you have a book suggestion? Why not post it in the comments? Everybody will be glad to hear it.


  1. Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front

    • Yep! To be honest I haven’t read it yet because I went through other memoirs from the Eastern Front, but people have always been raving about it.

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