Wrecked PZL P.23B Karas Polish aircraft, 1939

polish pzl23 karas aircraft ww2

A wrecked PZL P.23B aircraft, sometime in 1939. The PZL.23 Karas was a Polish light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, designed in the early 1930s. It first flew in 1934, and entered service in 1936. The 23B variant (pictured here) was equipped with a superior Pegasus VIII engine. The PZL.23 was …

Warsaw Ghetto, WW2, transport of Jewish people

warsaw ghetto ww2

Wehrmacht soldiers overseeing a transport of Jewish people to a workplace. Warsaw Ghetto, 1941. The Warsaw ghetto was established in late Autumn 1940 by German authorities in order to separate Jewish people from the rest of the population. Jewish people would then be deported to work and concentration camps. The …

Then and Now: Warsaw houses restored after World War II

then and now warsaw world war ii

Ruined Warsaw buildings in 1945, rebuilt and photographed in 2016. Warsaw was effectively flattened by German forces by late 1944, with more than 80% of buildings reported to have been destroyed, but the Polish Capital was rebuilt by the 1970s with the remarkable effort of its people. Book suggestion ⤵️ …