Chinese soldiers at a riverbank near Changde, 1943

chinese soldiers

Chinese soldiers photographed at a riverbank in (or near) Changde, Hunan Province, December 1943. The Battle of Changde (2 November 1943 – 20 December 1943) was a major conflict in the Second Sino-Japanese War, most recognized for the use of chemical weapons by the Imperial Japanese Army. The Japanese were …

US convoy rider gives a lift to a Chinese kid on his motorcycle

us soldier chinese kid motorcycle ww2

A US convoy rider gives a lift to a loaded Chinese boy on his motorcycle in the Tengchun Cutoff, China. Date unknown. Book recommendation ⤵️ 📖 Forgotten Ally: China’s World War II, 1937-1945 (Rana Mitter, 2013) Photo source: US National Archives and Records