Australian soldiers in Milne Bay, New Guinea, October 1942

australian soldiers milne bay

Australian troops in Milne Bay, New Guinea, three weeks after pushing back a Japanese invasion attempt. October 1st, 1942. The Battle of Milne Bay took place between August 25th and September 7th 1942 in the Pacific Campaign. It was a Japanese operation (codenamed Operation RE or the Battle of Rabi) …

View from the HMAS Sydney light cruiser, Australia, 1941

hmas sydney light cruiser wwii australia

View from the HMAS Sydney light cruiser with ocean liners RMS Queen Mary (right) and RMS Queen Elizabeth (left) in the background. Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia, September 4th 1941. HMAS Sydney was sunk in a half hour single ship battle with the German Auxiliary cruiser Kormoran on November 19th 1941. …

Royal Australian Airforce members with animals, 1943

australian soldiers animals ww2

Lieutenant G.A. Greenwood and Sergeant B. Agnew, both members of the Royal Australian Airforce, hold a joey (young kangaroo) and a dog – the squadron mascots. Coomalie Creek, Northern Australia, 1943. Australian diggers (soldiers) were well known for bringing animals with them in both World Wars, as mascots and companions. …