Finnish soldier with his dog, undated

finnish soldier dog ww2

Finnish soldier from the Dog Corps photographed in the snow together with a beautiful and vigilant German Sheperd. The image, while reportedly taken during World War Two, is not specifically dated. We can see that it’s not just the soldier who is wearing protection from the Finnish blizzard, but the …

Message left by Germans during the Lapland War

Lapland war

A sign left by German Soldiers as they were evacuating Finnish territory in October 1944. The sign reads “As thanks for not demonstrating brotherhood in arms”. You could speculate that they had left some ‘gifts’ for the Finns there. Finland and Germany had been fighting together against the Soviet Union …

Finnish soldiers training with a captured Soviet flamethrower, 1943

finland soldier flamethrower ww2

Soldiers of the Finnish army are pictured using a captured Soviet ROKS-2 flamethrower during training exercises. The ROKS-2 was designed so it could not be identified as a flamethrower by the enemy – the gas and fuel tanks were camouflaged to resemble a backpack, while the flame projector imitated a …