Finnish soldier with his dog, undated

finnish soldier dog ww2

Finnish soldier from the Dog Corps photographed in the snow together with a beautiful and vigilant German Sheperd. The image, while reportedly taken during World War Two, is not specifically dated.

We can see that it’s not just the soldier who is wearing protection from the Finnish blizzard, but the dog is wearing a little white vest too – either for warmth or for camouflage, or both.

Although a remarkable image, I feel uncomfortable seeing such pictures and posting them, knowing that all these animals have been tormented in a war waged due to no fault of their own, sacrificed unwillingly and unknowingly in a disgusting product of human greed and cruelty.

Note the book suggested below, which has just been published this year.

Book recommendation ⤵️

📖 Military Dogs of World War II (Susan Bulanda, 2023)

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