Canadian corvette HMCS Timmins in rough North Atlantic seas, 1941

hmcs timmins north atlantic

Flower class corvette HMCS Timmins navigates in rough waters during North Atlantic Patrols, 1941. HMCS Timmins was a small warship (corvettes are usually the smallest vessels to be rated as warships) which served for the Royal Canadian Navy during the Battle of the Atlantic, between 1942 and 1945. She was …

Love during World War Two #1

kissing world war two

1) Sweethearts kissing over the railing, as British soldier returns home during leave. London, 1940. 2) American soldier with his English girlfriend hugging on the Hyde Park lawn in 1945. 3) British soldier welcomed home by his wife after the end of WW2 in Europe, 1945. 4) A young Canadian …

Canadian soldier with beaten German POW, Caen, 1944

canadian soldier beaten german pow

Canadian soldier immortalized with a beaten German prisoner of war (Panzergrenadier member of the SS 12 Hitler Youth Panzer Division). Caen, France, August 9th 1944. Book suggestion ⤵️ 📖 Escape from Canada! The Untold Story of German POWs in Canada, 1939-1945 (John Melady, 1981)