US Soldiers watching a shattered Japanese Kawanishi H8K Seaplane, 1944

ww2 us soldiers japanese kawanishi aircraft

A shattered Japanese Kawanishi H8K seaplane is watched by US soldiers after strafing (attacking ground targets with automatic weapons), likely on the Kwajalein Atoll of the Marshall Islands in early 1944. The Battle of Kwajalein, fought between January 31st and February 3rd 1944, saw the United States defeat a small …

Lancaster bomber hunting down Tirpitz battleship through smoke screens, 1944

lancaster bomber tirpitz battleship

Amazing photograph showing a British Lancaster bomber above colossal smoke screens set by the Germans, in an effort to hide the mighty Tirpitz battleship. September 15th 1944, Operation Paravane. The ship was stationed in Kafjord, Norway, to deter transports of goods or weaponry between the Western Allies and the Soviet …

Junkers Ju 52 dropping supplies in Northern Russia, 1943

junkers ju 52 eastern front

A Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 52 transport aircraft in low flight over a horse pulled cart on the Eastern Front, in Northern Russia, 1943. It’s quite likely that supplies dropped by the plane were being loaded into the carriage for transport to the front. We can see bags in and around …