Guests at the Berghof in rare WW2 image, 1942

berghof hitler guests

This rare World War 2 image shows guests of Adolf Hitler on the Berghof terrace sometime in 1942. The Berghof was Hitler’s vacation residence in the Bavarian Alps at Obersalzberg, near Berchtesgaden. He would often entertain visitors there, whether it was for official business or simply leisure.

The picture was taken by Rochus Misch, who was one of Hitler’s SS bodyguards, and included in his book “Hitler’s Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard”, published in 2008 (see link to our review below).

From left to right:

Walther Hewel, liaison officer to the Foreign Ministry, and Reich Press Chief Otto Dietrich (both sitting on the parapet); Eva Brown (filming); Adjutant Fritz Darges (bent over the table); Captain Gerhard Engel, Hitler’s army adjutant (with back to camera); Frau Morell, wife of Hitler’s physician (feet up on deck chair near Eva Brown); Commandant Sepp Dietrich (crouched with one of Albert Speer’s children); secretary Gerda Christian; Theo Morell, Hitler’s personal physician (seated, reading); secretary Christa Schroeder; Margarethe Speer, wife of Albert Speer.

Book suggestion ⤵️

📖 Hitler’s Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler’s Bodyguard (Rochus Misch, 2008)

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