Rare WW2 photographs

Schwerer Gustav railway gun at Sevastopol

schwerer gustav

Schwerer Gustav railway gun in a rare photograph, likely sometime during 1942 at Sevastopol, although this information can not be 100% confirmed. Schwerer Gustav was the heaviest mobile artillery piece ever built and the largest caliber rifled weapon to ever be fired in battle. It weighed almost 1350 tons and …

Messerschmitt Me-262 photographed in-flight by US B-17 gunner

Messerschmitt Me-262

A Messerschmitt Me-262 aircraft photographed in-flight by an American B-17 gunner. Further details about this rare image are unknown, except from the fact that it was taken between 1944 and 1945. The Messerschmitt Me 262, aka Me 262 Schwalbe (Swallow) in the fighter version, or Sturmvogel (Stormbird) in the fighter-bomber …

Guests at the Berghof in rare WW2 image, 1942

berghof hitler guests

This rare World War 2 image shows guests of Adolf Hitler on the Berghof terrace sometime in 1942. The Berghof was Hitler’s vacation residence in the Bavarian Alps at Obersalzberg, near Berchtesgaden. He would often entertain visitors there, whether it was for official business or simply leisure. The picture was …

Rare WW2 image showing Panzerjägers on the Eastern Front

rare ww2 image

Rare WW2 image grabbed from the highly recommended memoirs of Wehrmacht Panzerjäger Hans Roth. In the photograph, Roth is pictured on the right, near his comrades, in front of a Sd Kfz 232 (Schwerer Panzerspähwagen) reconnaissance vehicle. The year is probably 1941. Book suggestion ⤵️ 📖 Eastern Inferno: Journals of …

Romanian Goliath tracked mine, rare WW2 photograph

romanian goliath tracked mine

One of the very few surviving images (and the only one of decent quality) of the “Romanian Goliath”, a Romanian version of the German Goliath tracked mine. This version had no armor, but was much larger, six time heavier, and better equipped to handle trenches and difficult terrain. It was …

Rare image showing World War II Eastern Front map of the German Front

world war ii eastern front map of german front

Rare World war II eastern front map showing the German Eastern front on May 10th, 1943. Notice the hash marked line indicating the frontline. In the previous months Germany had lost the battle of Stalingrad along with a number of subsequent battles, and their armies had been pushed far back, …