The Communist Manifesto (Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels) – Book Review

the communist manifesto book reviewOriginally a 40 something page pamphlet commissioned by the Communist League in 1848, The Communist Manifesto has become one of the most important political documents of modern history.

In the length of a brochure, this propaganda piece pretty much encapsulates the entire Communist ideology (remarkable how such a simplistic doctrine took over so much of the world) and calls the proletariat at arms against the bourgeois enemy. The working man must wage war against the owners of the means of production, and once the war is won, those means must be centralized in the hands of the state.

The entire pamphlet focuses on class struggle and hatred towards the bourgeois, towards other forms of (failed) socialism and socialist literature. The objective is clear: to engage and enrage the population for the purpose of the Communist Revolution.

For a modern reader this pamphlet will probably be quite boring, but at least it’s short. It won’t take you long, so as a highly important political document (I didn’t score it higher than 8/10 in “historical accuracy and significance” because it’s manipulative) this is absolutely a worthwhile read so we can better understand history and the world we live in. In fact, it’s quite remarkable and (maybe) worrying how many of the Top 10 communist objectives mentioned in the book are now either status quo in many of our democracies, or we can see things trending in that direction. That 10 point list of targets is probably the most interesting part of the book, as we are able to compare those goals with the state of affairs in our modern society.

Writing style - 4
Structure - 4
Enjoyment - 0.5
Historical Accuracy & Significance - 8


User Rating: 0.34 ( 1 votes)

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