Then and Now: Aachen, Germany, World War II vs modern days

then and now aachen world war II 1944

Aachen, Germany, 1944 vs modern days. #ThenAndNow The battle of Aachen was fought between Germany and USA during 2-21 October 1944. Aachen was part of Germany’s line of defence in the West (Siegfried line) and it was eventually captured by US forces after a grueling urban battle which destroyed the …

Then and Now: Citadel of Belford, France, Georges Blind mock execution spot

then and now georges blind execution belfort citadel

1944 vs. modern day. Fourth moat of the Belfort Citadel, France, the spot where Georges Blind, a member of the French resistance, smiled as he faced a German firing squad. However, Blind was not shot. The photograph was taken during a mock execution, set up to force Blind to give …