24th Panzer division advancing towards Stalingrad

24th panzer division stalingrad

The 24th German Panzer Division advancing towards Stalingrad sometime during August 1942.

After initially serving in Northern France, the division moved to the Eastern Front in June 1942, where it was part of the Fourth Panzer Army in Army Group South.

The 24th division was encircled and destroyed outside Stalingrad in late December 1942. It was then reformed and redeployed next year, serving until the end of the War.

Book recommendations ⤵️

📖 Death Of The Leaping Horseman: 24th Panzer Division In Stalingrad (Jason D. Mark, 2003)

📖 Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege, 1942–1943 (Antony Beevor, 1998)

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