US troops enter the razed French town of Saint-Lo, July 1944

us troops saint-lo france ww2

US soldiers enter the ruined French town of Saint-Lo in July 1944, six weeks after D-Day. 95% of the city was destroyed by American bombardments as the Allies retook it from Germany on July 18th 1944.

Due to the colossal damage it suffered, Saint-Lo was subsequently nicknamed “The Capital of Ruins”.

More than 60.000 civilians, mostly French, were killed in the three month bombing campaign undertook by the Allies in preparation for the June 6th D-Day invasion.

Book suggestions ⤵️

📖 Beyond the Beach: The Allied War Against France (Stephen A. Bourque, 2018)

📖 Normandiefront: D-Day to Saint-Lô Through German Eyes (Vince Milano, 2011).

📖 Dying for Saint-Lo: Hedgerow Hell, July 1944 (Didier Lodieu, 2007)

Image source: US Department of Defense

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