Love during World War Two #3

kensington gardens love ww2

1) An American soldier walking with his sweetheart in the Kensington Gardens, London, 1945, likely after the end of the war.

british soldier love ww2

2) A British soldier whispers into his girlfriend’s ear as he prepares to leave for the front. Unknown location, 1939.

ante bellum mansion cadets ww2

3) Cadets from the Local Army Flying School and their significant others having coffee and talking at a party on the Ante-Bellum Mansion’s porch, Mississippi, 1943.

american soldier proposes

4) American woman jumping into the arms of her soldier boyfriend sometime during the 1940’s. This is either a homecoming, or a marriage proposal (note what appears to be flowers on the ground), or both.

train station goodbye ww2

5) Couples embracing and saying their goodbyes at the train station, as the men depart to the front.

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