German soldier with a 7.5cm GebG 36 in the Caucasus mountains

German soldier Caucasus ww2

German soldier with a 7.5 cm Gebirgsgeschütz 36 in the Caucasus mountains, at an altitude of around 3000 meters, on January 21st, 1943.

The GebG 36 was the standard light mountain gun used by the Gebirgstruppe (German mountain divisions) during World War II. At least 1193 such guns were built in the war years and were used with mixed success, as they had their limitations, particularly regarding their range.

Book suggestions ⤵️

📖 Weapons and Equipment of the German Mountain Troops in World War II (Roland Kaltenegger, 1977)

📖 The Caucasus 1942-1943: Kleist’s race for oil (Robert Forczyk, 2015)

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